Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Not a Day Goes By

So you want to take your students to a speech meet?

2 Weeks Before: Create and post sign-up sheet for that meet. Remind students daily of deadline for signing up.

The Monday Before: Pull down sign-up sheet and register online. Hunt down and convince students to add/switch events as needed. Practice after school.

The Week Before: Update online registration constantly as students add/drop as health/grades/parents/relationships/whims demand.

The Tuesday Before: Check eligibility list; inform students whether or not they can go. Practice after school.

The Wednesday Before: Confirm bus, paperwork for student travel, registration, and submit request for check for entry fees. Practice after school.

The Thursday Before: Compose and send out letter to all students attending describing the details of the meet. Hold team meeting to confirm students attending and get those who haven't been practicing in to practice.

The Day Before: Deal with last-minute changes to registration. Practice after school. Attempt to get to bed early, since you have to meet the kids/bus at 5:30 AM.

The Day of the Meet: All kinds of crazy.

The Monday After the Meet: Take photo of students who won last meet, email photo and press release to local paper. Write and email announcement of how you did to school secretary and administration. Record points for placement of each student who competed. Post sign-up sheet for meet two weeks from now, pick up plan for the next meet that week at "The Monday Before".

And repeat.

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