Monday, June 20, 2011

DC Photo Dump!

Here's the last week in pictures. Enjoy!

A Lack of Planning
A lack of foresight while rearranging to paint

Georgetown Clouds

View While Conversing With Mom
C&O Canal

Georgetown Bookstore
A Very Bookstorey Bookstore

Painting 1
The Initial Phase of Our Painting Class

Painting 2
My Painting, Now With More Trees!

Painting 3
When I Called It Quits

National Zoo Entrance

Way Up There 2
The Road I Actually Wanted Is Way Up There

Pluto's Still Around
See?  Pluto's Still A Planet!  The Air and Space Museum Says So.

Jason's Office
Jason's Blurry Office

View from the Street outside Jason's Office
The View Outside Jason's Office (as seen from the middle of the street)

A Little French Pick-Me-Up During Shopping Saturday

Crock Pot Moroccan Lamb
Moroccan Lamb Stew with Couscous and Lebanese Deli Salads

It's a strange combination of photos, yes.


  1. It's a shame you kept going on the painting once you had the trees laid down. I really liked it at that point!

    Note: It progressed from like to dislike based on the design of the painting, not the skill utilized in executing the design ;-)

  2. I agree with you, Ben.