Wednesday, June 15, 2011

In Which I Get Behind in My Posting and I Provide a Quick Summary

You know, for having such a relaxing schedule, I am rapidly getting behind in my blogging. I now have three days worth of things to tell you about, which I will not do tonight. I want to write them out in full and I'm going to optimistically on doing that tomorrow. In the meanwhile, here's a list of the highlights of recent activities:

- Georgetown!
- Bookstores!
- Art Class!
- Giant Turtles Mating!
- Lions Roaring!
- Getting Lost!
- Bernadette Peters!
- Elaine Paige!
- Trader Joe's!
- Getting Lost Again!
- Gym Psychology and Sociology!
- Blisters!

Such an exciting summer I'm having. At the moment, Jason's in the midst of writing a contract for Hulu in Japan. I'm reading an Ann Patchett book and, you know, not blogging. In fact, I'm off to continue doing that right now.

See you tomorrow!

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