Wednesday, June 22, 2011

In Which I Give You Wolf Trap Advice*

* (Not this wolf trap)
(This Wolf Trap)

Advice for Going to Wolf Trap

1. There is a let's-avoid-the-traffic handy shuttle that will take you from the West Falls Church metro stop directly to the Performing Arts center.  It costs $5 round trip.  Be sure to have exact change, but the driver will be patient while you count out $5 in dimes and nickels because you only have a ten and four ones.

2. Bring a picnic!  We recommend wraps from Sweetgreen with Perrier and Trader Joe's dark chocolate-covered almonds with sea salt and turbinado sugar.

3.  Bring a blanket to sit on as well as trash bags to put under the blanket to keep the soggy ground from soaking through.  (Note: will not prevent sogginess when the moisture comes from the sky)

4.  Make sure you pick a spot to sit near groups of people with beer, wine, and light-up plastic goblets.  Their drunkenness will provide minutes of entertainment as you wait between acts.  Keep an eye out for the bonus show to your left once the rain really kicks up where two girls slither against each other and the handrail before falling completely over on the sidewalk!  Just make sure you leave when the guy behinds you starts dancing to Aretha's music by hopping in circles on one foot with the other at the level of your head.  He might be drunk enough to avoid injury, but you're not!**

** No one you know was actually injured in this dance

5. Make sure you bring your umbrella!  It'll rain for most of the concert.  It's also a great time to practice your yoga skills as you try to keep all of yourself covered:

Wolf Trap

But seriously, the concert was a lot of fun: lightning, fireflies, drunk people, Aretha's fiesty lecturing of the sound techies in the middle of her song, and the incredibly long monologue from the opening act musician to set up a faux Billie Holiday song. I'm glad we went and I'm thrilled we brought umbrellas!
Wolf Trap

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