Friday, July 15, 2011

In Which I Window Shop

"Have you been to Alexandria?" Jason asked Wednesday night.

I ran through my previous visits to DC in my mind. "Not as far as I know," I replied.

"You should go. Old Town Alexandria is really charming - lots of little shops and restaurants. I'd get a townhouse there if I could, but they cost a fortune, as you would imagine."

And so I went!



The yuppieness of the neighborhood, embodied in a bar's sign.

Natural History Museum
What's that I see?

Yes, please!

This is where my window-shopping turned into actual shopping.

The makings of an iPad sleeve.

I did a little window-shopping for Jason too.

I rounded out the afternoon by stopping off at a pastry shop on the way home to get lemon tarts to celebrate Bastille Day.  I figured Jason's night would be work-filled as usual, so it came as an unexpected treat when he suggested we go look at fireflies after dinner.  Walking along the woodsy path under the almost-full moon with miniature green lights drifting on and off made it very clear to me where fairy stories came from.

There was no way to capture the lights on video, but I did record the sounds:

Elegant, isn't it?  :)

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