Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Look for the Silver Lining

It turns out that the Denver Art Museum is closed on Mondays (Boo!), so Craig and I substituted an air-conditioned tour of Denver by car and an air-conditioned viewing of "Captain America" instead (Yay!).

At trivia we wound up with eight people so we had to split up into two teams (Boo!).  In a feat of utter fairness, our two teams tied for third (Yay!).

(Also awesome? The three-part question where you needed to name the city for each of the following museums: Uffizi, Musee D'Orsay, and the Getty.  I want a whole round like that!)

I spent the day today taking care of the fall-out from my accident last week.  While my whiplash injury's not getting any better; and while it took almost the whole day to work on getting my car, my neck, and my insurance up to snuff (Boo!); the happy surprise was when my doctor agreed that I should get massage therapy to treat the whiplash and then wrote me a prescription for two massages a week for five weeks which should all be covered by the other guy's insurance (Big Huge Freakin' Yay!)

I've got one scheduled for tomorrow morning, and a second one booked for Monday.  My doctor barely touched my shoulder before saying, "Oh, man, your muscles are like a rock!  You definitely need a massage."

So despite annoyances, there are some definite perks peeking through this week.

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  1. Ha! I think Rachel is going to go out and get herself whiplashed now.