Monday, October 17, 2011

Speaking of Truths and Shared Experiences

I listened to the Mormon Matters podcast about Intellectuals and the Mormon Tradition and I very much appreciated hearing this:

"I was sitting in church years ago with a friend who is a trained musician, a very accomplished musician and in a very jovial spirit she leaned over and she said, 'You know, sometimes Church is really painful because the music is so bad?' And I'm like, 'Yeah, I kinda understand what you're talking about because a lot of Sundays are very painful as someone who loves language and ideas.'  They just aren't great!  It's like when a foodie goes to McDonald's sometimes.  I mean I'm not saying that Church is McDonald's, but let's not underestimate that Sundays can be difficult for people who love ideas and words.  So let's acknowledge that we go through that discomfort, it's okay to feel that, but that what happens on Sunday is not a total Mormon universe."

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  1. Martha8:16 PM

    Glad you like the podcast. Did your parents tell you about it? I often think while listening that you would enjoy many of them, being a thinking person and all :)