Friday, October 14, 2011

Just for Fun

A couple of sophomore girls came running up to me after lunch one day earlier this week.

"Ms. W.!  Ms. W.!" they said urgently, "We told Ezra and Jake that they have to be in dress code to go swimming at the hotel pool!"

I laughed.  "That's excellent!"

"Yeah!" they said, "You know, shorts to your knees, a t-shirt-"

Just then Jake and Ezra walked up.  "Ms. W.?" Ezra asked.  "Is it true that you have to be in dress code to go swimming at the hotel pool?"

The girls hid behind me, barely containing their snickers.  "Of course it is!" I said.  "It's a school activity, and you know the rules."

"Legitly?" Jake said.  Ezra just stared at me, opened mouth.

"Yes," I said firmly.  "The student handbook says that school dress code must be followed at all school activities.  So, you know, shorts to the knee, you must wear a t-shirt-"

"That's so unfair!" they exclaimed, walking away.  I heard them discussing it as they left, still wondering if the rules could really be so impractical and unjust.  So I sent the following email to our administrators:

Our principal came to find me after school.

"I got to Jake," he said conspiratorially.

I clapped my hands in glee.  "What did you do?"

"I pulled him out of his math class and said, 'I heard you have an issue with school policy.  What about the dress code confuses you?'  He was practically shaking."

(Note:  Our principal is also our football coach, and he looks the part - a big, intimidating guy.)

"That's excellent!" I said, "I can't wait to see what they do at the pool tomorrow."

"Yeah," he agreed as he turned to go.  "Okay, I'm off to find Ezra."

Hey, other jobs give bonuses or company cars as perks.  Me?  I get to mess with teenagers.

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