Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Weekend!

This week's speech meet was on Friday, and while I don't love taking the team out of school for the entire day for a meet (let alone having to set up for a sub for myself) I LOVE that a Friday meet provides a Saturday off for me.  To celebrate, Friday night I switched off my phone, took a dose of sleep drugs, and slept for 12 hours.  It was delicious and much needed after a week of far-less-than-stellar-sleep.

Saturday consisted of running errands, including the traditional pre-show prop shopping.  I also bought groceries for the week ahead and did a lot of laundry.  With shows Wednesday and Thursday, 8-12 inches of snow predicted for mid-week, and an overnight speech meet Friday/Saturday, I hauled myself and my cat up the mountain after we were home taught today.  You all are really missing out on a beautiful night here, by the way.  The sky's perfectly clear and the stars are outstanding.  It's absolutely gorgeous out there.

Oh!  I also got a new calling at church today - Relief Society Teacher.  They're having me do the fourth Sunday of the month which means a) the lessons are based on Conference talks, and b) I won't actually teach until the end of January since I'll be in Paris at the end of November and the fourth Sunday in December is Christmas.

I'm glad for it.  I've enjoyed having a purpose for practicing the piano each week and, frankly, most of the time lately my piano-playing calling has been the only reason I've stuck out the full three blocks of church; but callings that involve teaching just feel so right and natural.  I know it's a direct result of the talk I gave last month (the bishopric told me so), which is a big part of why I was so eager to speak in Sacrament meeting.  I needed to raise my profile in the ward, and it's worked out for the better.  On top of this new calling, I was also invited to join a book club.  Lisa, a feisty member of the ward and a middle-school English teacher, invited me to join a club she started years ago with a melange of her friends, both member and non-member.  She warned me that the books they pick "aren't always church-approved."  I took as a good sign and gladly accepted her invitation.  We read A Discovery of Witches for October, which tries to be a grown-ups version of Twilight.  Next month's book is The Hunger Games.  Sadly, I'll have to miss that because the club is meeting the same night as the Drama 1 play.  I will definitely clear my calendar for December, though.  I enjoyed the outing and the company.  It was a little strange, since most of the women are old enough to have daughters my age (and, in fact, do.  Two of the women were moms to two friends of mine in the singles ward), but they're educated, smart, opinionated, and literate.  So, woot!

Now that I'm settled up here at the condo with food and clothing for a week, a cat sniffing all around, and internet (plus my new laptop!), I'm actually rooting for a snow day.  I wouldn't mind losing a performance since they'll still do two on Thursday, and a snow day up here mid-week sounds perfectly delightful.

Which guarantees the storm will blow right over us, right?

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  1. Martha8:38 PM

    So excited for your calling. Being a teacher is the best kind of calling. Especially when it is from the Ensign, because it can be so open ended. I think you can rattle some minds in a good way.
    I joined a book club also, but probably not as exciting as yours. I am the oldest in the group, and they are all LDS, so it is much more traditional than I would like. But I hope it can turn into something good. :)