Wednesday, July 04, 2012


Flight #1 was accomplished with little incident other than my neighbor inviting me to come visit him on Ghana. He must have meant it since he had to repeat it a few times before I understood - he had a thick accent and I have a hard time hearing people over airplane noises.

I am in hour four of my five-hour New York layover. And thank goodness it was a long one! It turns out that because my flight to Madrid is through one of Delta's sub-companies, Air Europa, I has to go back to the ticketing counter to get my boarding pass. Which was in a different terminal. Which, this being JFK, meant I had to exit the airport, cross a few streets, and take the AirTrain subway to get to the right desk. Then I had to wait an hour for the Air Europa ticketing agents to start work, and then I got to go through security again where the guard was very suspicious of my Jawbone speaker and ran my bag twice without ever making eye contact or acting even somewhat nice.

Hold on, everything's beginning to suck. Let me take a swig of water.

I got an unremarkable dinner on the other side of security, chatted with the parents, and read for a while. I am not especially looking forward to the flight, but I am looking forward to starting Pueblo Ingles and I'm very much looking forward to sleeping in a Marriott tomorrow night. Not a youth hostel! In a real bed! With my own bathroom! Thanks, Parents!

Okay, 40 minutes to go. Guess I'll read some more, or just enjoy the use of my phone while I can. See you on the other side!

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