Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My Schedule/Excuse

I have composed so many blog entries in my head and I have several photos to organize, but they keep us hopping! Here's the schedule:

8:15- Wake up call (I get up earlier since I share a bathroom)
9:00- Breakfast
10:00-2:00- 1:1/ telephone/ conference/ presentation sessions
2:00- Lunch
3:30-5:00- Siesta
5:00- Group Activity
6:00-8:00- 1:1/ et cetera
8:00- Group Meeting (skits, etc)
9:00- Dinner
10:30- Queimada/Dance Party/Pub Trivia/et cetera
~12:30-2:00- Bed

Granted, I could blog during siesta time, but I've also been doing sink laundry, apartment flood stuff, and making a present for my "invisible friend" (like Secret Santas).

Oy! At this rate, I will certainly need a vacation from this vacation! :)

1 comment:

  1. I would definitely use the siesta for siesta...