Sunday, August 12, 2012


After my breakdown on Wednesday, my parents came out for a quick weekend trip.  With their advice, homeowner knowledge, and support, I ordered new flooring for my entire apartment, a new dishwasher, and picked out paint colors.

It was kind of huge.  I'm very lucky to have these parents.

Happily, they also let me indulge in a little Moroccan show-and-tell.  For example, here are the new bedspread and pillows I got:

Due to the lack of room/total destruction of my apartment, I hadn't unwrapped my carpets yet.  With the potential of showing them off to fellow carpet-philes, though, I couldn't resist anymore.  Out came the carpet roll with my doting dad documenting the whole procedure:

I tried untying them first.  Note my mom's eager anticipation.  Like I said - carpetphile.
See?  She couldn't resist helping.  I'm attacking it with a knife at this point.
We're through the plastic!  Now we tackle the paper-and-tape layer.
Ooh!  Colors!  Almost there!

Carpet sausage!

I'm off to find floor to lay it down on!

Hmm.  I have no floor.  We'll just hold them up instead!
Ooo... pretty....

And here's #2!

I pointed out to my parents and to Jason that if we had gone to Russia this summer, per our original plan, I probably would have gone with carpeting the whole apartment.  A not-so-small factor in my decision to go hardwood was imagining these carpets on my shiny new wood floors.

And in three-to-four weeks I'll be posting that picture right here for your (and my) enjoyment!

P.S.  I also blame Morocco (and Jason for the link) for my plans to give this a whirl.

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