Wednesday, August 01, 2012


I pulled down my last post shortly after writing it because I felt like I was being ungrateful and very much wrapped up in first-world problems.  I have had a lovely summer thanks to outstanding friends and supportive family.  I get to travel an awful lot to some remarkable places.  While in these most recent remarkable places Jason and I often commented on the extraordinary circumstances that allow us to do what we do, to see what we see, to go where we go.  We are lucky, and who am I to gripe about not being able to go home when I want to or for having to go one year without a big trip?

I'm trying to maintain the right perspective while I work through feeling unproductive, homesick, and lonely.  Publishing and then pulling down that blog entry felt secretive, and I want to be honest about what I'm feeling right now.  Things are not all hunky-dory, no, but I am still very lucky and I want to acknowledge that as well as some of my struggles.

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