Tuesday, August 07, 2012


I'm back, Denver!

After an uneventful flight and a smooth pick-up at the airport from Ben (Thanks, Ben!), I arrived home to discover, to my satisfaction, two burly men nailing drywall in my apartment.  The work has finally commenced!

I dropped off my suitcases and made myself scarce, running out to get lunch and a few basic groceries before heading to Englewood to look at flooring samples.

Between those errands and meeting Rachel, Ben, and Jack for dinner I stopped by my place again to see how things were going.  The guys asked, "You're not staying here tonight, right?"  I assured them that I was, in fact, planning on staying.  I can see why that surprised them.  I mean, my place looks like this:

Dining Room

Music Room
My Bedroom (Now with Kitchen Table!)
Hall to Master Bath with Dutch Angle to Emphasize the Chaos

But while I'm not planning on doing any cooking on my stove-that's-now-an-island-in-concrete (those groceries consisted of milk, cereal, yogurt, and peaches), I did rearrange things enough this evening to have fairly clear access to my bed and my bathroom.  Which means I get to sleep in my own bed tonight!

Besides, I have certainly slept in far   worse   conditions.

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