Thursday, June 04, 2009


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The red banner marks where I had a paella lunch (with chicken, not Sea
World on a plate, as we encountered before) and met the other Anglos
as well as the program hosts.

I'm excited to start my program tomorrow. It will be a good challenge
for me- I am not all comfortable walking up to people and striking up
conversations (one reason why I don't usually like parties), and the
program is a lot of that. So, it will be good for me.

It doesn't sound like there's much technology up there- no cell phone
reception and only one group computer, so you probably won't be
hearing from me as much. Sorry.

For now, I had a day full of walking and wandering and another art
museum ("The Garden of Earthly Delights" is a weird one!) and I didn't
nap once and only yawned in the middle of conversing with someone at
lunch a few times (they were sympathetic when I explained I only
arrived yesterday), so I'm heading to bed.


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