Tuesday, January 05, 2010

A Visit

Well, it's a good thing I've had my tour guide skills whetted recently, because I get to host another Denver visitor soon - Jason's coming to Denver for Martin Luther King, Jr. weekend. Hurrah!

I spent my last day of vacation running errands (in my new car!), although I did treat myself to a movie.

My parents gave me a subscription to Netflix for Christmas. I set up my queues tonight, and am currently watching some Doctor Who as I type this/fold laundry/do dishes. Awesome. So awesome, in fact, that I just ordered a Roku. I've been considering purchasing the Doctor Who series on DVD. This would ultimately be quite a bit cheaper, since all of the new series is available for instant streaming. And Torchwood is, too. Mmm....

Tomorrow is a teacher work day. Thank goodness. I hope it's an actual work day, not filled up with meetings. I need to make my disclosure statements and some copies of things for the first few days of school. I'm really excited that for the first semester in seven years, I don't have to teach grammar!

Thanks to my parents and Grandma Cook, I left GJ with two boxes full of Humanities materials. I'm worried about teaching the course, mostly because 1) I haven't taught this subject before (although that's nothing new, I suppose) and 2) I feel like I need to know a lot about a lot in order to be good at it. I'm getting there, but it'll be a bumpy first term. I just hope it's not so bumpy that they cut it next year.

Or me. I'm worried about my position being reduced/eliminated. The fact that I watched "Up in the Air" this afternoon probably contributes to that fear. Not the most uplifting movie....

Bedtime! Semester #2 at MTHS starts tomorrow!

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