Tuesday, January 19, 2010

We Tell the Story

Here's the commercial I made to announce the musical:

Ring any bells for you, former DPJH peeps?

As I said before, I'm totally recycling as much as I can this year.

It was met with a collective "Huh?" at first, but as I tell them about the characters and the story, the excitement is growing. Which is nice to see. I bet there's a spike for the soundtrack tonight on iTunes.


  1. Chelcey10:56 PM

    YOUR DOING ISLAND AGAIN!!!!!!!!! That is so very exciting! I loved seeing it in at DPJH too bad that was in my "i'm not an acting kind of person" phase because that show would have been awesome to be in! That will be an AWESOME show once its done :)

  2. Aww . . . memories! Loved hearing that music again!