Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Parent Teacher Conferences

Hello from Mountain Town!

Ah, conferences.  The good news is that I totally caught up on my grading prior to the conferences.  The bad news is that because I did that, I'm twiddling my thumbs while I sit here for the requisite time.

I could make up a worksheet for Intro to Drama next week, or input Speech data, or search for and order Interp pieces, or work on set designs; but I just lose my motivation to make up things to do after the 10th hour of work, you know?

So, as you saw from my previous entry, I'm catching up on Google Reader and blogging instead.

Hmm.  I think I'll take a picture of the view from my window next.  The aspens are just starting to turn gold.  Then again, it's always a gorgeous view outside my window.  Here, see for yourself:

View Fall
View the First

View Fall
View the Second

What you can't see is the river and that pond sparkling in the little bit of sunshine peaking through the clouds. It's almost pretty enough to make me understand why people want to live up here in Mountain Town.


I'm going to stay up here until Friday. We don't get out of conferences until 8:00, and being able to be "home" in 10 minutes instead of 50 PLUS being able to sleep until 5:45 instead of 4:45 is just too delicious to pass up on these long work days.

I do feel bad about abandoning Natasha, though. She made herself scarce this morning when I pulled out my suitcase, lest I stuff her in a cage and haul her up the mountain. Still, when I think of her all alone in my apartment for three days, my conscience twinges. Is it not strange that cat guilt should hale souls out of men's bodies?

(I've got this show on the brain:)

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  1. Anonymous8:04 AM

    Such a good movie, and play. Did I read earlier that one of your classes is going to be doing that play this year? Also, have you seen the trailer for that new Shakespeare movie called Anonymous? I saw a trailer for it and it made me think of you. I'm so jealous of your view of the mountains! :)