Friday, September 02, 2011

Show and Tell

In my Advanced Drama class today, I told the students they could do Show and Tell at the opening (I like to do small activities like that on Fridays to build the classroom community). With my very late night last night (yay Les Mis!), I completely forgot about bringing something.  Here's how my turn went:

Me: I'm sorry, I forgot to bring something from home for Show and Tell.  Here (digging in my pocket) you can see a photo from my phone, if you like.  I have a picture of my parents, of some of the kids I taught in Thailand, of this Incan-

Students: (Interrupting) Show us Jason!

Me: Jason?

Students: Yeah!  Show us Jason!

(Note: They collectively forgot 40% of their theater vocabulary words over the summer, but this they retain with perfect clarity.)

Me: Um, okay then.  Here.  (Flipping through the pictures) Here's a picture of him in Turkey(I hand my phone to the student next to me.  They instantly flock around it.)

Various Girls: Aww!

Cody (a girl):  He looks like a goob!

Students: (chuckle)

Me: What's a goob?

Cody:  You know... a goob.

Me:  (looks confused)

Cody:  Like Zach. (points at Zach)

Zach: (nods)

Me: No, he's not a goob.

Kailey:  Yeah.  He looks more like a nerd.  That's okay though, Ms. Waterhouse.

Me:  (Thinking about it) I'm actually probably more nerdy than he is.

Alana:  Tell us about him!

Randy:  Yeah, it's Show and Tell.  Tell us about him.

Me:  What do you want to know?

Alana:  Where did you meet him?

Me:  At a dance in college.

Katie:  What does he do?

Me:  He's a lawyer.

Students:  A lawyer?

Kailey:  Oh, then he's not a nerd.  Lawyers are, like, hardcore.

Cody:  Yeah, they're real.

Ali:  You should invite him to Homecoming!

Steven:  Call him up right now and ask him.

Bri: We'll pay for his plane ticket

Me:  He's at work right now.

Zach:  So are you!  Call him!

Kailey:  At least get married to him, Ms. Waterhouse.

Me:  We're just friends.

Cody:  That can change.

Kate:  Yeah, what if he was, like, dying and he then he liked, realized that he loved you, and then he called you up and was all like (in a deep voice), "Miss Waterhouse, I'm dying.  I love you.  Let's get married."

Everyone: (Laughs)

Me: (Laughing too) I like how you think he calls me "Miss Waterhouse," Kate.

Students (including Kate): (Laugh)

Me:  Yes, and I call him "Mr. Davis."

Katie and Alana:  Like Mr. Darcy!

Katie:  He could be your Mr. Darcy, Miss Waterhouse.

And... scene.

P.S.  I wonder sometimes if I rely too much on Jason as my token boyfriend, but then scenes like this happen.  How could I rob us of such blog fodder?

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