Thursday, September 15, 2011

Sick Day Encore, Sick Day Toujours

This cold is totally kicking my keister.

The kids have been telling me for two days to "go home, Ms. Waterhouse"; "you're sick, Ms. Waterhouse"; "you have the plague, Ms. Waterhouse"; "why are you still here, Ms. Waterhouse?"

"I'm here for you," I tell them between coughs.

They laugh at me.  "Go HOME, Ms. Waterhouse."

I tried leading vocal warm ups, and my voice cracked through the "Hey!" which made everyone break into giggles.  I tried to "Reee" off the top of my head and they collapsed over in laughter.  "You sound like a mouse being stepped on!" they tell me.

I stomp my foot in mock aggrevation.  "Stop making fun of me!" I croak.  They laugh harder.

"At least you don't get meaner when you're sick like some teachers," they tell me.

No, I don't get meaner.  I do get more distractable, and it's easier to get me going off on tangents.  They haven't quite figured that out yet, although they might suspect it after I suddenly realized in the middle of giving mini-speech-meet instructions that I have arms.

I had forgotten, you see, and they were a pleasant surprise.

It probably is best that I took their advice and stayed home today.

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