Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Take Two

After sealing up my blackout curtains, shooing the cat away, grumbling about the noisy children frolicking outside my bedroom windows, and taking various drugs, I tucked myself into bed last night at a far too reasonable hour.

And didn't fall asleep.

I was too worried about sleeping again.  I tried a few tricks - reading, watching an episode of Parks and Rec, counting backwards from 100 by 13s, but to no avail.  Heck, I even downloaded a General Conference video to try to lull myself to sleep.  It didn't work.

At some point somehow I finally fell asleep, and I slept pretty soundly, too.  No dreams/hallucinations about phone calls or air raids - yay!  When my alarm went off, I actually felt refreshed and ready to head back to school.  Yay encore!

Then while driving to work I noticed that my vision was still blurry.  I couldn't make out the road warning signs.  But I was committed to going to work at that point, having showered an all, and I was sure I could see well enough to avoid hitting deer or small children.

My fever came back about 10 minutes into the first class.  I was going over some blocking notes between hacking coughs, and I was suddenly incredibly hot.  I was wearing several layers, since up until then I had been freezing cold, so I continued my notes while stripping off various scarves and sweaters and making a pile on the stage next to me.

Then I looked at the pile.  It looked like such a nice, soft, welcoming pile of fabric.  I could just rest my head there for a little bit.  I can direct laying down.  I'm sure the kids won't mind!

They probably wouldn't mind, but they were starting to look at me with worried expressions.  Probably because I had trailed off mid-sentence and was now staring at a pile of clothing at my side.

I soldiered on!  We blocked twelve more beats! I think I even made coherent communication!  And then I taught two more classes!

Well, kind of.  I gave myself a break in Intro to Drama.  Their monologue performances were today and normally those are followed by the Mime unit, but I didn't think I could teach mime when I was having trouble stand up for long periods of time.  So they're watching Clue instead for character analysis.  I even made them a worksheet and everything.  I'm a real teacher, I am.

In retrospect, I should have stayed home again today, but we were supposed to start the Speech season yesterday and there were already parents having fits about the delay.  I should probably stay home tomorrow, but tomorrow's the meeting for the kids interested in going to New York and, heck, I'm here anyway.

And might be for a while.  I'm having trouble finding the energy to stand up and go home.  And that pile of papers is looking mighty inviting...

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  1. First, let it be known that there were no fevers in the Mason household for the past...several months. Including the last three weeks when you were exposed to a post-sick sniffly Jack. So stop posting BLAME photos of my family ;-)
    Second, I hope you have the logic sense left to decide to stay in Mountain Town tonight instead of driving home. Get well soon!!
    Third, I AM proud of you for at least taking one day off of work to rest.