Monday, July 13, 2015

A Brief Photo Tour

This is Mansfield College:

This is where my dorm room is:

(It's on the left hand side of the quad you see in the first picture.)

This is what you see when you walk inside that door:

The toilet and the sink and shower are in different rooms (and I can't imagine 8 people sharing 1 bathroom all year!), although we each have sinks in our rooms as well.

This is the part of my room you see when you walk in the door:

This is to the right:

And this is straight ahead around the half-wall:

Again, the sharing seems tricky.  Two beds but one desk and one dresser?  Hmm.

This is the lecture hall we've been meeting in:

This is the chapel we ate dinner and breakfast in:

Both were waitered.

This is the pub we had lunch in:

If you're not a literary type and if the photos upload at a high enough resolution you can peek at the sign on the door here for a hint:

It's the pub where the Inklings met to share ideas and manuscripts.  In other words, it's where Narnia and Middle Earth were formed.

This is really fun.


  1. Okay, this does it. I'm officially jealous.

  2. Okay, this does it. I'm officially jealous.