Thursday, March 05, 2015

NOW It Feels Official


It's show time!  Middle School Matinee accomplished successfully today; three evening performances to go!

The cast, crew, and orchestra - oddly, this is about 15% of our entire school.

The dressing room post-show:

I find my definition of clean changes with context.  This?  This is pretty darn good.

Monday, March 02, 2015

Guess Where We're Going?

It's show week.  I've been working virtually nonstop for the last two weeks, covered with paint (and mud and grease thanks to the icy hill to the condo), haunted by dreams of botched set changes and the myriad of missed music cues.

I got home from today's dress rehearsal just before 8:00.  What to do between throwing dinner in the oven and sewing a couple of sequined belts?

Buy plane tickets to China, of course!

Yes, dear readers, Jason and I have booked our summer adventure - one week in Beijing, Shanghai, and maybe somewhere else?

We obviously have more research to do.

But we have plane tickets!  Woot, woot!