Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A Fine Example of Why I Miss Teresa

Her response to this post:

Fuseli's Nightmare

The tickle in my throat Saturday morning turned into a full-blown, kick you in the back and sit on your chest kind of cold.  A cold that leaves me no doubt that I should be staying home, resting my contagious self; but alas, a cold that comes at the start of a week that I cannot miss.  I have a field trip and a play this week, and a sick me is infinitely better for my wee actors than a healthy not-me.  That, and I'm annoyed by the flakiness of so many of my students.  You know what you do when you've got something important to do?  You show up, damn it.  And so I pack my three kinds of medication, my two bottles of orange juice, and my travel mug of mint tea and I go to school.  Here am I, showing up.

I'll write about Chicago on the other side of this play/field trip/illness.  In the meantime, I'm going to make a soundtrack and then go to bed.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Saturday in Chicago

Our second day in Chicago began with a trip to the Lincoln Park Conservatory to check out their spring flower show (and some hidden dinosaurs):

Following that bit of nature, we went to the Shedd Aquarium to check out the fish.

The white beluga was particularly friendly:

Jason and I met up for a Michelin dinner before the show that night.  We were tempted by tasting menus, but limited by theater tickets, alas.  Still, our meal at Naha was delicious!

The Restaurant

Bread Course

Local Green City Market Beets and Sylvetta Arugula with Black Quinoa, "Beauty Heart" Radishes and Greek Yogurt, Blue Cheese, Glazed Pecans, Apple Cider Syrup and Balconville Apple Vinaigrette

Medallions of New Zealand Ranch Venison

Rhubarb "PopTart", phyllo dough dunked in rhubarb juice, citrus ice cream, a slice of rhubarb, with chantilly cream

After-dinner palate cleaners

We had a bit of time before meeting the other for the show, so we ducked into a pharmacy so I could buy cough drops (foreshadowing!) and into Marshall Fields to see the mosaic ceiling.

Big Fish is a musical adaptation of the movie in its pre-Broadway engagement in Chicago.  There were some fun effects (tree roots!), but it felt clunky and obvious, lacking the grace of the movie.  Nothing like having the two main characters sing "There's a river between us" three minutes into the show to eliminate any possible nuance.  Still flashy Stroman dancing, good singing, and a good budget for technical elements go a long way for an evening's entertainment.

At the Oriental

The daffodil scene

Rachel and I in the theater lobby (with a photo bomb from Dad and Memere)

On our way to dinner, Jason and I swung by Vosges to get a late-night chocolate treat for the group, which we enjoyed in hushed tones while Jack was sleeping.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

At the Ballet

If I could pick any two people in the world to see a ballet with, it'd be these two.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Rolling My Stockings Down

Off to Chicago!

I'm on the plane with Rachel and Jack (well, kind of. We're 14 rows apart), heading to Chicago for a three day weekend with the parents, the grandmothers, and Jason.


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Snow Delay

Last Tuesday was a delayed start. They cancelled school altogether the Tuesday before. And today (Tuesday) is a delayed start that ought to be a snow day. I mean, just look at our commute (at a whopping 8 mph) at the moment:

Sunday, April 21, 2013


Lisa invited me fabric shopping yesterday. This was actually the second Saturday we spent combing shelves.  She's making a crib set for her daughter's upcoming baby and it is surprisingly difficult to find grey and yellow fabric in boy-appropriate patterns (i.e. not floral).  Last Saturday neither of us bought anything, although I was tempted to get this funky ribbon-looped grey fabric to make some new curtains.  I resisted, though, and we both went home empty-handed.

Not so much yesterday.

Lisa found this adorable fabric at Fancy Tiger:

...and we matched those particular shades of gray and yellow with several other cute patterns of polka dots and chevron stripes from other stores.  I, on the other hand, had intended to only come along for the company and for lunch at Cafe Rio, but five fabric stores later I wound up with supplies for four different sewing projects.


Conversation Among My Students After Adv. Drama Class on Thursday, as Reported by the Spanish Teacher

"Ms. Waterhouse was mad about the bus canceling the field trip!"

"Was she?"

"Oh, yeah. She was playing it cool, but you could tell. She had those big Waterhouse eyes."

"I bet she was all mad at home, punching walls."

"No, I bet she's a kicker."


"Can't you picture her kicking holes in the wall with her boots?"


Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Miserable Ones

A series of snow storms has hit our area in the last week or so bringing with them erratic school schedules. In addition to the snow day last week, we have had two late starts, one early release, and one day with no adjustment to the schedule despite a drive home so perilous that my fellow car-poolers and I counted 17 cars that had slid off the road.  The students tasted freedom last Tuesday, so now every day that goes by without another snow day is the cause of much complaining.

Today was supposed to be a field trip.  My Advanced Drama class and I were supposed to attend a student matinee of the DCTC's Sense and Sensibility (a brand-new musical adaptation).  They were excited, I was excited.

Then the district called for a delayed start and the transportation department announced that they would not make any trips to Denver today.

Naturally, I protested this decision, pointing out that if the district felt that the roads were safe enough by 9:00 AM to drive to school, they are likewise safe enough to drive to Denver.

They responded that "this is the policy".  End of discussion.

The group sales people at DCTC were incredibly understanding and refunded the cost of our tickets.  I spent the time before school started looking up other possible shows to see.  My students staged a sit-in outside the main office to protest the cancellation of their field trip.  Our VP empathized with them, then sent them on to class (another reason why I like my administrators).

"We're not going on a field trip," they said to me as the bell signaled the start of class.  "What's even the point of being here today?"

"To learn?" I offered.

They groaned and vehemently disagreed.

"To watch Les Mis while I make you popcorn?"  I offered, holding up the DVD I had purchased just in case.

That cheered them up a little.  Then Catwoman died, and Samantha threw up her hands.  "What?!"  she exclaimed.  "She DIES?  As if my day doesn't suck enough!"

Doorstop Surprise

For the second time in the last year, I have opened my front door in the morning to discover a dead pigeon tucked up against it.

 Appalled by the other possible causes (Practical joke? Cruelty of nature?), I choose to assume that Natasha has a gentleman caller.

 (Photo not included because ew.)

Monday, April 15, 2013

Springtime in the Rockies

Slowly driving home from school....