Saturday, July 23, 2005

Dear Reader

Hola, my friends, and happy summering to you all.
I have officially returned from my travels for a bit now, and have re-entered the theatrical world. My friend Teresa talked me into auditioning with her for a staged reading of Pirandello's "Six Characters in Search of an Author". And guess what? We were both cast! Teresa as the step-daughter and myself as the manager/director.
Today was the first read-through with the cast. This should be rather intersting - we only have five rehearsals; and will perform with only suggestive costumes, minimal blocking, on book, and on the set of their current full production. Aside from being a new experience for me as an actor, I get to do it with cher Teresa (always a delight!).
For those of you in town, the show is August 9 and 10, 7:30pm, at the Stage Right Theater Company (the dates listed on their website are incorrect - it is indeed the 9th and 10th).
Au revoir!

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Can You Picture That?

Here are some photos from my recent trips....

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Statues and Stories

Bonjour my friends!

I apologize for the delay in posting. I have been traveling, traveling, traveling!
For example:
Currently I am in Grand Junction.
Yesterday, I was in Baltimore, Maryland.
The day before, I was in Chincoteague, VA.
Three days before that, I was in Washington, DC.
A week before that, I was in Grand Junction.
A week before that, I was in Newport Beach, CA.

It has been delightful! A family reunion at the Pacific Ocean, and visiting with two dear friends near the Atlantic Ocean. I will tell you this: The Atlantic Ocean is indeed warmer.

Places of interest I have been recently:
Disney's California Adventure
Ikea (CA)
Universal Studios Hollywood
Arches National Park
Mount Vernon
The National Archives
The Mall in DC on the 4th of July (fireworks, baby!)
Lexington Market
The Kennedy Center
The National Gallery of Art
The Museum of American History
Ikea (MD)
The Folger Shakespeare Library
The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
The National Catherdral
Chincoteague, VA
Assoteague Island
The Washington, DC LDS Temple
and various airports.

I have been having a grand time, actually. I am not ready for school yet, so thank goodness I still have a few weeks. I did, however, have my students in mind on these trips. I got some materials for my classes at some of the museums in DC, and I am saving up some good stories to share with them about what I did on my summer vacation (including 1) goin' shootin' and 2) goin' clammin').

I will post some photos from these adventures at some point in time.
Till then, mon amis, bon vacance!