Monday, March 07, 2005

Checking in to the "Maison des Lunes"

We preview in 1 week. Arg!

So. Last Thursday we did a set session. Our shop teacher, the stage crew, and a couple of awesome parents joined me on stage after rehearsal and we built the arch, the staircase, and some of the peripherals. One of the moms bought pizza for everyone, too, which was wonderful of her.

Friday, I ordered the paint, which I picked up this morning. 12 gallons - I hope I got enough. :)

Today, our shop teacher worked during classes and finished up some of the platforms extending from the archway. So, after rehearsal, three veteran students and I primed the set with paint leftover from previous shows. Tomorrow will be another group-effort set night, so hopefully we'll be able to pretty much finish it (fingers crossed!).

Speaking of today's rehearsal (Act 1 top to bottom with the assembly cast) - it sucked. (My vocabulary tends to descend the longer I spend at school. :) ) The leads did well for the most part. I could tell how much time they have been putting into this. The chorus did pretty badly, though. They didn't know the blocking or the choreography; they missed cues and entrances; when on stage, they just sat there with no emotion; and there were many times when 1 lead would be singing louder than the collective chorus.
So Janelle, Kelley, and I chewed them out. Guilt trip, yelling, disappointment, etc. Better to scare them into rehearsing well now than waiting until dress rehearsals, I figure. I don't like being the bad-mood teacher, but I swear they just don't seem to be motivated until we get really upset. I think the panic is setting in, though, and I hope they will pull it together. Tomorrow is Act 2 with the same cast. We'll see if they rehearse tonight!

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