Saturday, July 23, 2005

Dear Reader

Hola, my friends, and happy summering to you all.
I have officially returned from my travels for a bit now, and have re-entered the theatrical world. My friend Teresa talked me into auditioning with her for a staged reading of Pirandello's "Six Characters in Search of an Author". And guess what? We were both cast! Teresa as the step-daughter and myself as the manager/director.
Today was the first read-through with the cast. This should be rather intersting - we only have five rehearsals; and will perform with only suggestive costumes, minimal blocking, on book, and on the set of their current full production. Aside from being a new experience for me as an actor, I get to do it with cher Teresa (always a delight!).
For those of you in town, the show is August 9 and 10, 7:30pm, at the Stage Right Theater Company (the dates listed on their website are incorrect - it is indeed the 9th and 10th).
Au revoir!

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