Tuesday, January 24, 2006


I just uploaded some images from my camera and found this picture. Last semester, we held a performing arts assembly. The choirs sang, the dancers danced, my kids did "Rapunzel Uncut", the band performed, and we found we had 15 minutes or so to fill. Kelley volunteered to dance, so Janelle and I decided to combine our talents and do a little something from Wicked. And, as any of you who know me are well aware, I can't resist an occasion to dress up. So here we are just after our performance of "What is This Feeling?"

(Which, incidentally, is one of the braver things I've done in my life. To speak in public is one thing, but for me to get up on stage in front of 1400 people and sing? Yikes. But I did it, by golly!)


  1. i love that picture

  2. the picture is great Waterhouse.
    I remember when you did that a long time ago

    amber hillis