Friday, August 25, 2006

Sleep Tite

Ah, the week before school starts. How nice of them to give us two days to prepare. How considerate of everyone else to think "Hey! We have all this extra time to work this week - let's schedule a meeting!" I spent all day Wednesday in meetings, then Back to School night, then meetings half the day Thursday, then 7th grade orientation today, topped off with another meeting.

I'm not quite ready yet, but I'm giving myself permission to not have things perfect. Let's just say that my TAs will have their work cut out for them, at least for the first few weeks.

Anatomy lesson of the week:
Monday I developed a horrific toothache. It was so bad, it included a throbbing toothache. As soon as I could get away from our faculty meeting at Snowbird, I made an emergency dental appointment. They looked me over, took x-rays, tapped my teeth, then (and this is my favorite part) described my teeth as "virginal". In other words, there was nothing wrong with them (thanks again to my parents for raising me outside of fluoride-fearing Utah!). After some questions, the dentist explained that it was caused by something like a pinched nerve. I'm getting over a cold, and the sinus congestion combined with my drive up to Snowbird that morning increased the pressure right over a nerve that produced a sensation like a toothache. It has gotten better as my cold is diminishing. Strange, though.

Here's a strand for you to contribute to on the comments: I'm so tired that...

Mine? I'm so tired that I've been taking cold showers all week because I forgot that I turned down the water heater before I left for Mass. Yup. Just figured it out yesterday when I finally had time to call my super. Whoo.

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  1. Every night last week, I woke up in the middle of the night, sofa wrinkles on my face, contacts still in, makeup still on.

    Must. Get. Up. Force. Self. To. Bed.