Thursday, November 30, 2006

Where is the Life That Late I Lead?

(Click on the poster to see a bigger version of it.)

Here's my excuse for the lack of communication lately. Aside from my students not being fully memorized yet (argh!), things are clicking into place. A few of them came up with the image for this our poster today.

Thanksgiving was marvelous. I defer to my sister's entry with full agreement on her sentiments.

With midterms next week, the play in two weeks, and two concerts, a rental, and many, many meetings between now and Christmas, my life is all school and craziness. It's fun in it's own way (the way stress can be) (yes, stress can be fun - remember you're reading the opinions of an IB-grad, though), but I always resent the way I loose the holiday season to work events.

On the plus side, show prep is working well to counter the calories accumulated over Thanksgiving - I haven't had time to eat lunch or breakfast for two days.

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