Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Unexpected Song

I've been feeling a little melancholy about my summer lately. Don't get me wrong - I'm counting the days left as fervently as my students. But I was missing a "big picture" for the summer; something I can be proud to claim on my "what I did..." back-to-school essay. I'm sure part of it is the wistful thoughts that are cropping up as the anniversary of the Shakespeare Institute of last summer draws near.

But I have found a cure! And acted on it with remarkable swiftness. I, friends, am going to Russia!

Yes. Through the Cross Cultural Solutions volunteer program, I will be spending three weeks in Yaroslavl, Russia. It sounds like I will mostly likely be working in one of the city's orphanages, which news immediately brought up suggestions of hepatitis shots from my mother. I'm so excited I grinned all day.

It sounds like a great program, plus I'll be there over two weekends (Hello Moscow and St. Petersburg!). It is all very suddenly, but it also feels very right.

NOW I'm excited for summer!

(I don't know what building this is, but I will in two months!)

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