Tuesday, September 18, 2007

With So Little To Be Sure Of

School has rapidly settled in for the year. I am still enjoying my classes, although I am detesting the politics at my school right now. I'm trying to fly under the radar, but that's proving to be difficult. Fun for Manda!

I've been trying to enjoy pre-show craziness. I've gone to the movies ("The King of Kong" was the best of the bunch, the others were more "eh"), read a lot, been to the state fair and the farmer's market, and I've been taking advantage of having energy in the afternoon to use my handy-dandy elliptical each day. I'm hoping the habit sticks even when things get busier.

My classroom is gradually getting cooler - my hair isn't damp with sweat most days now, although I still have fans going. I'm looking forward to winter so I can hear my students - they're by and large too quite to hear over the fans.

Speaking of my students, we had auditions for the Advanced Drama play ("The Somewhat True Tale of Robin Hood"). This show will be interesting - since I have two sections of the class this year, I'll be doing the show twice. I'm trying hard to keep it as separate as possible. They'll share sets (as it were), props, some costumes, and probably a lot of the same blocking; but I'm trying hard to keep from making any sort of verbal comparisons between the groups.

So I held two auditions, two call-backs, posted two cast lists, and did two read-throughs. I'm happy with the casts, and I am eager for the musical since my suspicions that we have strong character actors this year are confirmed.

We spent the last period playing status in anticipation of blocking the big tournament scene. Interestingly, the students kept tying meanness in with taking status. When we moved into playing status in character, Prince John bumped off about half of his subjects for not giving enough status to him. Then again, Robin "killed" everyone except Maid Marian, so maybe it's just that the power goes to their heads.

So, yeah. Things are... going. I just need to start exploring the options for next year with more surety.

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  1. Another status game that restores some power to the people is "Hence/Ho." This is essentially "Red Light/Green Light" except you give the authority figure a baseball hat or paper crown, and instruct the peasants to get it by any means. The Leader, having turned around after calling "Ho" may send subjects who move back to the starting line. You enter the game as the "Joy Police" who may at any moment call for all players (including the Crown, which is important) to give a little "hup" and jump in the air, or to give a nod and a wink. You're basically there to monitor competitive tension and to add silliness adn delight.

    Come to think of it, it might be better to call the game "Hence/Halt" with middle schoolers to avoid endless giggling and pathetic 'ho jokes. (plus you're tyring to fly under the radar with admins...)