Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Clang, Clang, Clang!

As previously mentioned, I spent President's Day weekend with ma familia in one of our favorite previous-home-towns - San Francisco. My sister posted an excellent entry about the highlight of the trip (food, shopping, Chinatown, Beach Blanket Babylon, Muir Woods, general merriment and such), so you can check hers out if you want detail. Or, you can also check my new set at flickr.

Mom buying treats in Chinatown

Lions dancing in the streets

Dad with a doppelgänger in a Buddhist temple

Andy playing with a whale bone (no, really!)

My cute parents

Me and my new hat on the beach near our old house

Trees growing from the trunk of a fallen tree

Muir Woods!

Rachel and Ben appreciating nature

The four of us kids in front of the Painted Ladies, doing as Dad intended (with the sunlight directly in our eyes!)

Tree blossoms next to the copy of the Chartres labyrinth
(Andy took this one)

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