Thursday, November 13, 2008

Latin Chant

We are learning Latin root words in my classes today - port, capt, miss, flect, and so on.

Me: "Aqua" means water. What does "aqua" mean?

Students: Water!

Me: Good! So, we make waves with our arms while we say "aqua".
I demonstrate, students imitate, giggling.

Me: Excellent! What are some words that have "aqua" in them?

Kid #1: Aquamarine!

Me: Nice. Which means?

Kid #2: The color of water.

Me: Great. Other words?

Kid #3: Aqua Man!

Me: Yes! And what does he do?

Kid #3: Shoots water at people.

Me: Wonderful! And what do you call a room that holds water in it?

Kid #4: Waterhouse!

Much laughing.

Today's been a good day so far.


  1. So funny! It took me a moment to figure out the real answer.

  2. You needed that. Nice.