Friday, February 06, 2009

An English Teacher!

A student just made my day.

I am teaching verb tenses today, a task I was rather dreading because
a) it is completely idioic that 8th graders are expected to answer a question like

Which is the past perfect progressive form of the verb?
a) took
b) has taken
c) had been taking
d) is taking

on the state standardized tests and
b) this is stuff that I barely understand, and what I do understand only comes after 20 years of school, studying 2 other languages besides English, and looking up explanations on the internet.

And yet, I must teach it, so I am teaching it. Then, in the midst of explaining the future perfect forms of verbs, a student blurted out, "Miss, this is fun! Why can't we do stuff like this every day?"


And so I have achieved perfection as an English Teacher. It's all downhill from here - I don't know how I can ever top making verb tenses FUN for a squirrly 8th grade boy.

P.S. Do you know the answer to the CSAP question?


  1. Ah yes, when all else fails, suck it.
    *immature snicker*

    Amanda, you are The Enlightened One of English teachers!!! C'est parfait!

  2. Yeah, I knew the answer, but to paraphrase King Lear: How, How, How, How, did anyone ever think that was useful information to teach kids? The 4th grade classroom teacher (I'm doing a residency at her school) said it best: "throw out the Basal Readers and give the kids Shakespeare, if you really want them to know language!"

    And you are brilliant in your choice of verb. Just don't get fired!