Monday, August 03, 2009

I've Got a Little List

In defiance to my procrastinating denial, I drove up to Mountain Town High School today. The premise was to turn in the stack of paperwork I received in the mail this summer, but really it was to ask "Um... I'm a new teacher? And I was wondering if I have a classroom? And if I can get keys? So I can move everything that's in my garage outta my garage? And, also, can you please help me not feel so nervous by giving me some more details about what to expect?" except in a much more eloquent, much more subtle way.

After tracking the commute (46 minutes, 37 miles), I dropped off the papers at the Human Resources office and chatted with the woman there for a while. The secretary from the high school happened to stop by and she offered to walk with me back over to the school and show me my room.

She explained the process for getting keys (essentially, she needs to request it in writing and I'll get them sometime later. In the meanwhile, she offered to let me in if I need anything.

My room is upstairs in the English pod (the school is designed so each subject has classrooms grouped around a computer lab and an office area for the teachers). It's small, but there's a window that looks out to the library's two-story windows that look out on the mountains. I'll have to arrange my desk to see that. (Oh, also? There's an interesting issue with the room, but it's one I can't write about here. Do ask me about it, though.)

I also met the counseling secretary/registrar. She's very nice and helpful and she ran off the class lists for my drama classes at my request. I've been holding back on script hunting since I had no idea how many kids to expect for that class. Turns out? 8. Yes, 8.

It'll go up. The drama class second semester has 33 students, which is quite large for that school apparently. There will be the usual shuffling of schedules the first week of school, and I'll do some recruiting, like usual. My English 10 class, though? 16 kids. That makes me feel a heck of a lot better about grading more papers!

I also found out that there is an Advanced Drama class, which is taught by another English teacher at the school. The counseling people told me the class is "more academic, more literary" in nature. I'm, well, jealous. I want to teach that class! And I have absolutely no context to know anything about this course, other than it's existence, so I shouldn't feel jealous, but I do. I loved my Advanced Drama classes in the past. I know, I know. Give it time, find out more, it'll be fine, etc.

So, I've got some more information, which is helping. The people I met are all friendly, welcoming, and generous in offering help. I'm starting to look forward to getting things started, although I still have a lot of work left to do first.

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