Tuesday, January 26, 2010


In my crazy yesterday, I had noticed that my office phone was blinking with a message.

Today I had time to check it. When the electronic lady said, "You have a message from... Dr. [Superintendent]," my stress level and heartbeat shot up. Way up. If seeing a principal makes me freak out, thanks to past experiences, imagine what my boss's boss's voice does to my fight-or-flight instincts.

I called him back, thinking of all of the (no good, awful, terrible, horrible) things it could be. He answered; I apologized for the delay in returning the call. He said,

"I just wanted to call to thank you for doing such a good job this year."

I stuttered something like a thank you, caught completely off guard.

"You've done a good job, and I know it hasn't been the easiest. There've been a lot of obstacles. But, thank you for the work you're doing."

And that was it.

Today wasn't really an easier day - I was still incredibly busy and juggling way too many balls. But it really helped to hear someone say thank you.

Especially when that someone is my superintendent.

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  1. Wow...you must be as awesome as I know you are! Nice to see someone who is aware of just how much you do for your students and the school as a whole! Imagine me patting you on the back while squealing with excitement!