Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Something Was Missing

I sent my passport off a few weeks ago with an order for an expedited renewal.

Happily, I got my old one back in the mail (I wanted to keep it, since it's got so many pretty stamps!). There was also a note in the envelope that said the new one might come in a different mailing.

I gave it a week, but still no passport. I hunted down a phone number and called today. That's when I found out it was supposed to have arrived two weeks ago! Grr.

The lady on the phone monotonously told me which form I needed to download and mail in to be issued a new one. She also recommended that I write my departure date on the front of the envelope to get them to process it quicker and that I send a check for $15 to pay for overnight shipping.

So, I paid an extra $60 for expedited processing in order to pay an extra $15 to get my passport when I would have originally gotten it under normal times?

I'm mad at passport agencies and the mail system today.

Oh, also? I'm mad at school for making me get up so early; at my Humanities class for making me spend every single prep period planning and trying to be creative enough to keep them all engaged; and at the kid in the musical who spends rehearsals distracting others, who then rolls his eyes and grumbles every time I ask him to get back on stage, who complains about the show to the rest of the cast behind my back, and who sucks up so much of my patience as I try to stay positive to fight against him.

I think a lot of this madness comes from inadequate bedtimes.

P.S. Less than three weeks 'til I'm after-school-activity-free! Fancy spending my time just teaching!

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