Sunday, May 16, 2010

Do You Hear the People Sing?

(Photo from the New York Times)

Well, this sucks.

The poor and oppressed people of Thailand had to go and stage an uprising and ruin my vacation! What's with that?

People keep asking me warily, "So... Thailand?"

To which I reply, "Yeah... I don't know." And I don't. Right now, it doesn't look so good. The American Embassy was shut down on Friday, the State Department has upgraded the situation from a travel alert to a travel warning, i.e.: The Department of State recommends against travel to Bangkok and non-essential travel to Thailand at this time.

I'll call the volunteer agency tomorrow to see what they think. In the meanwhile, I spent part of my weekend coming up with plans.

Option A: The civil war comes to a peaceful end in the next two weeks, and I travel to Thailand to bask in the perfectly-safe post-revolutionary history being made.

Option B: The civil war comes to a peaceful end in the next month, and I travel to Thailand for the second half of my planned trip (so, skip the orphanage program and just do the Buddhist one). Oh, and bask in the perfectly-safe post-revolutionary history being made, of course.

Option C: I don't go to Thailand at all and instead fill the time with smaller trips to

Option C.1: Canada with Emily (assuming I can talk her into it)

Option C.2: Massachusetts to see Meg perform (assuming I can invite myself to see her)

Option C.3: Other US locations to encroach on the hospitality of other friends

Option C.4: Spain/Italy for another round of Pueblo Ingles?

Not bad options, granted, but I'm really itching to go somewhere new and quite different. You know, like Thailand.

Dang populace uprisings.


  1. Option D: Travel to Bolivia with your friend Brenda (her summer plans have hit a road block as well) and do Spanish classes/homestay/volunteer work. This option is open to discussion of other Spanish speaking countries.

  2. OPTION C2! You are more than welcome to stay with me any time.

    Sure, I'd normally root for peace, but if war serves my selfish self-interests...I think you know, I ain't no kind of HIPPIE!

    Plus, I can entice you not only with the high likelihood that Falcon and Caveman Lawyer would flirt with you and buy you pineapple juices, but the fact that I can get discount tickets and comps to all the major theaters in the area in addition to mine.

    but...uh, you know, long live peace.

  3. CANADA! Just think, the two of us exploring the vast and wild land to the north. Sure I may not be able to offer you theater or indoor pluming but it would be international! Ok so realistically the only noticeable difference is the fact that they don't serve ice in their beverages, but I am positive the two of us could conjure up some hairbrained scheme that would result in a meet and greet with local law enforcement. I have always wanted to meet a mountie! I do hope that the Thai people find a peaceful resolution to their current civil state but if not I am always open to adventure!