Sunday, February 06, 2011

Hymn for a Sunday Evening

Snow Day #3!

Despite the hours I put in this week to get the two hymns that had been selected for me to play in my inaugural accompanist Relief Society class today, I was not at all disappointed to get the call this morning that church was canceled due to the weather.

What I did today instead:

- I made Cinnamon Raisin Bread
- I made Big Soft Ginger Cookies
- I made Hot Apple Cider
∴ I made my house smell delicious
- I worked out for an hour (while watching Psych - Yay Netflix for iPad!)
- I practiced the hymns I'm supposed to play next week in church
- I did laundry
- I trudged a path through the calf-deep snow in the parking lot to check the mail
- I talked to my parents (fingers crossed for the potential new partner!)
- I discussed with Jason the play I saw Friday night which he had seen in DC a few months earlier
- I started reading this book
- I decided I wanted a house with snowy woods and a lamppost and
- I wondered what the chances were of school being canceled again this week (90% chance of snow on Tuesday. Can't they just call it off now so I don't have to decide whether to move up to MT for the week?)

Please excuse me now; I'm off to have a slice of bread with some hot chocolate.

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