Friday, May 06, 2011

Children and Art

I am rather worthless right now.

My 2nd period Humanities class is drawing to a close, but I can't bring myself to grade the stack of papers next to me.  In fact, it's taking most of my willpower to not curl up on the carpet in the middle of this computer lab and give in to sleep.

No worries about my teaching, though.  My students are hard at work.  They're writing biographies of artists of the 19th century right now and posting them to the class blog.  And they're listening to the techno version of Grieg's Peer Gynt, thanks to one student.  He had been whistling Peter and the Wolf until his neighbors begged him to stop.  So he switched to Peer Gynt.

I can't blame him for the earworms - they just took the classical musical listening test.  Which, if I have time tomorrow, I'm going to try again to figure out how to post that test online so you guys can try it, too.

The Adv. Drama class performance #1 was last night (hence the tiredness).  A lot of forces combined against me to make doing the show difficult, but, as always, Dionysus prevailed and the kids pulled it off. 

Kind of. 

We'll call last night a dress rehearsal.  Tonight they'll be good.

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