Sunday, July 14, 2013

Paris Food (a Photo Dump)

Breakfast!  (That would be hot chocolate Viennese style in the foreground)

Dinner Thursday night

Pate, cornichons, and bread



Steak and Salad

Dad's Shrimp

Chocolate cookie and raspberry sorbet

Dad's cheese plate

Rice pudding with caramel sauce.  Mom may never eat it another way again!

Bonus cookies!

A treat from Eric Kaiser

Vegetable soup, a sandwich, and macarons to share at the Rodin Museum

Chocolate globes

Dinner Friday night near Jackie Smith's place

Steak and Frites

Creme Brulee

Apple cake and chocolate cake

And finally, lunch at the business lounge in the airport:

Noodle bowls on demand!

with good views

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