Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A Purple Explanation

It began when the Outdoor Education class announced that if they raised a certain amount in their fundraiser, our principal and vice principal would dye their hair green for St. Patrick's Day.

While discussing this with my TA's, I mentioned that I once dyed my hair purple on a bet with my students at my old school.  Naturally, they immediately proposed a similar deal for their own show.  "Why not?" I figured.

The original deal was that they had to sell out all three nights of the musical.  Thursday evening was a great turnout for a weeknight opening night, but it was not a full house.  The cast was disappointed, despite a terrific performance.  "What if we sell out tomorrow?" they ask.  "Will you dye it then?"

"Nope," replied cold-hearted me.  "The deal was all three nights."

Then the snow came.

When I finally had a chance to talk to the cast in person again at our pre-show pow-wow on Saturday, they were still upset and angry over the rescheduling.  I needed to do something to cheer them up, so I offered a new bargain - sell out the rescheduled performance, and I'll do it.

Not an easy task, since the rescheduling meant a loss of momentum and advertising.  When the houselights dimmed on the new closing night, there were still 20-30 seats left empty.  I was a little sad for the kids and a little glad for myself.

But then came the latecomers.

There was a fairly steady stream of them, and when I left my seat for the eighth time to process a late ticket sale I saw where this was going.

My stylist was surprised to say the least tonight when I announced that I was going purple this time.  No wash-out-the-next-day dye for me!  She chuckled at my explanation and sent me on my way afterwards with the admonition that "Your students better appreciate you!"

Oh, I'm sure they do.  I just don't know how the women I'm meeting at the Midwest Pilgrim's Conference this weekend are going to take it.

P.S.  Three conclusions so far:
1) I need way more/darker eyemakeup
2) I've just voided 2/3 of my wardrobe.  Orange shirt + purple hair?  Not so much.
3) Suddenly I feel a need to watch Scott Pilgrim again.

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  1. First, the purple looks KILLER! And this is a great time to break out the The Makeup Store shadows!! ;)