Monday, July 28, 2014

Why, Yes, I am a Subscriber

For some time now I've wanted to get season tickets to the ballet, but I've held off for lack of a regular performance companion.

Imagine my delight when my friend Cindy announced that she wanted to go to more dance performances as part of a post-divorce exploration of who she is and what she likes to do.  We were hanging out at my place and eating cupcakes (from Gigi's, since I know Rachel and Miranda are wondering), and within seconds of her telling me this I had my laptop up and we were talking price tiers for the 2014-2015 season.

I wound up calling the box office in person so we could get pickier about our seats and so we could add Dracula to our order because vampires.   I passed on Nutcracker since Rachel's annual viewing of multiple versions have lessened the magic.  (Although... Has there been a vampire version of Nutcracker yet?  I would totally see that.)  I placed the order and in a few moments had the tickets in my inbox.

I'm excited for the shows, for Cindy's company, and for having the whole season already on my calendar.

Mostly, though, I'm excited for stuff like this:

A Memo to the Colorado Ballet -

Please make gifs of your dancers.  The National Ballet of Canada posts one every Friday, and I could watch them all day.

Your Newest Subscriber

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  1. Balls. Now I'm jealous. But really I want to see more from other ballet companies. I've only seen Colorado Ballet live. I know most of their dancers now and I've seen more than half their line-up every season. Peter and the Wolf and Ballet Masterworks are new to me though. Maybe Ben and I will join you for those . . .