Monday, November 10, 2014

Early Halloween

In blogging earlier, I discovered I never posted this entry from last month.  Whoops!

Because I have a speech meet on Halloween proper, when Rachel invited me to join her and the fam. at their ward Halloween party, I jumped at a chance to share in a bit of the spirit.

Plus, it gave me an excuse to play with the new eyeshadows Andy and Jenn gave me for my birthday:

When I asked what I should wear, Rachel gave me a rundown on their costumes:

Jack: A knight (with awesome knitwear courtesy of Rachel)
Sam: Samwise (the hobbit)
Ben: A king
Rachel: A queen

Sensing a bit of a castle theme, I threw together a fairy godmother costume and shoved my giant poofy ballgowned-self into my car.

Here's a photo of me and Jack I stole from Rachel's blog:

Lest you are shocked by my scandalous dress (in a church, no less!), let me assure you that what appears to be bare shoulders on my part are actually the pink ribbons from the fabulous fairy wings Rachel lent me.  Please note also the red and blue fairy wand Jack made and generously let me borrow for the night.

I spent the first part of the evening coaching Jack on the various games in the cultural hall.  They included:

Doughnuts on a String
(the hands-free concept proved a bit tricky)
Bean Bag Toss
Plinko (easily the favorite)
Photo Booth Posing

and others.  Ben spent the night looking majestic:

while Sam was just freakin' adorable.  I mean, look at the little pack Rachel made him!

The second part of the event was Trunk or Treating.  I enjoyed the moment when Sam figured out just what was in that bucket of his:



Yes, please!

It was a low-key fun kind of way to enjoy the holiday, and I'm glad I got to share a bit in the festivities!

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