Sunday, December 07, 2014

Musical Theater FTW

Sunday School today.  The topic: "The Gathering of the House of Israel".

Teacher:  Okay, let's list the sons of Israel.  Can anyone name any of them?  Without pausing for an answer, he turns his back to us and begins writing numbered blanks on the board.  I know we might not know all of them-

Me: Reuben.

Teacher:  What?

Me:  Reuben.

Teacher:  What?

Me:  Reuben.  He's the oldest son of Israel.  Reuben.

Teacher:  Oh.  Okay, good.  Any othe-

Me:  Continuing Simeon, Levi, Naphta-

Teacher: Cuts me off  Levi?

Me:  Yes.

Teacher:  No, Levi's not one of them.

Me:  Yes, he is.

Teacher:  No, he's not.

Me:  I promise you he is.

Teacher: Pauses. Hard look at me.

Me: Looks back at him, unwavering.

Teacher:  Acquiescing.  Okay, Levi.  Any others?

Other student:  Benjamin.

Another student:  Judah.

A pause.  I wait in case someone else wants to go, then:

Me: Naphtali, Isaacar, Asher, Dan, Zebulun-

Other student:  Are you looking these up?

Me:  No.  I hold up my iPad screen as proof.  We're doing "Joseph" for our musical.

The other students chuckle knowingly.  The teacher looks confused.  I'm pretty sure he has no idea what I meant by that.

Teacher:  Okay.  He writes those names on the board.  Who is missing?

Me: Gad and Joseph.

Lisa: Under her breath.  Go, go, go Joe!

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  1. Hahahaha, I love it. Now if only the teacher wanted you to list the colors in Joseph's coat!