Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The Trashing of the Car

I attract careless drivers, it seems. For over four years my car was collision-free. This peace-streak was preceded by 17 (17!) car accidents. My mom would be quick to point out that I am not entirely guilt-free. Yes, the first two were my fault. When I was 10, I crossed a street without looking and was hit. When I was 14, I rode my bike while angry, and didn't heed a stop sign. However, since that time, I have been blameless for the damage to my car.

Anyway, the topic comes up today because during my last class, the head custodian appeared in my doorway and gestured for me to come out to talk. I let my Advanced Drama kids to their dictionary work (yay Camp Shakespeare!) and met Jorge in the hall. He started off with the good news: he had finally received my email from a few weeks ago and would be able to help me with most of the requests on the list. (He's been in Uruguay, it turns out.) I was relieved - the last time I had talked to Jorge, it was in "the meeting" in my principal's office when I was accused of systematically destroying the auditorium among other things (SO not true, by the way!). So when Jorge proceeded to say "That's the good news.... I have something else, too," I figured he was going to be angry with me about painting the cubes for the stupid Rainbow show next week, despite the tarps we bought and laid out to protect the stage floor.

Nope. But so great was my fear at being "in trouble" again, I was actually relieved when Jorge told me that another janitor backed up into my car and tore off the front bumper. Whoo. We swapped insurance information, with assistance from the detective, and Jorge was kind enough to wire the bumper temporarily back on so I could drive the car another day until I can get it to an auto shop.

At least it's a short week so I can go sans vehicle a bit easier than usual. Sad about the end of my streak, though.


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