Wednesday, February 28, 2007



After a weekend of grading a lovely stack of papers (see photo), we rolled into parent-teacher conferences this week. No real crazies this time, and I only got yelled at once.

Actually, I had some really nice compliments from parents for my hair color/cut (darker brown with red in it/bangs) and for my teaching ("You're the happiest person at this school"). My favorite was the dad who said he was glad his son had me for a teacher because "You seem really... awake". I think he meant energetic? Enthusiastic? Or maybe my colleagues do what I've longed to do at times - take a little cat nap behind my desk while the students do book work.

My sister posted some "ew"-invoking photos of her finger injury from pumpkin-carving for Halloween, so I thought I would share some photos of my finger injury. While setting up my classroom for AVID parent night last night, I pushed a table out of the way. As I moved it, a chair on top of the table fell off and I tried to catch it, jamming my finger. I don't think it's broken, but it is nicely swollen and bruised. Being my right hand, I'm finding it difficult to do the little tasks like, say, writing. I am enjoying the enthusiasm of students to do favors for me, though. I've had many volunteers to take roll, write on the board, lift objects, etc. It's nice having help.

The swelling

The bruising

As straight as it gets

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