Tuesday, February 13, 2007

A Way Back to Then

Hey there!

Yes, I've been neglecting my blog duties. If it's any consolation, I offer the excuse of YET ANOTHER cold. My third one in a row, actually. And this one included the fun of totally losing my vice for three days (I took half of that time off school. The other days I needed to be there, so armed with a portable whiteboard and my mad mime skills, I worked my way through classes with no vocal instructions. The kids, out of pity I think, were very nice to me).

I'm better now. My tonsils swelled quite a bit towards the end, so my dear dad phoning in a prescription of antibiotics for me. Medicine is a wonderful thing.

To make life even more exciting, my poor cat is now also on antibiotics. She developed an anal sack abscess (ew) that ruptured (and again, ew). So, one trip to the vet later and my cat is on drugs, too! A comparison:
Mine: Small white pills
Natasha's: Pink liquid
Mine: Once daily for 5 days.
Natasha's: Twice a day for 10 days
Mine: Tasteless
Natasha's: Bubblegum flavor
Cost: About equal.

Strange, isn't it? But I'm getting pretty swift with the syringe now, after raslin'' her down for it twice a day. It's the holding of the wet cloth to her bottom that I also have to do twice a day that she really hates. Poor beast.

On the theatrical front, "Honk"'s going pretty well. It's a tricky phase right now - we've been focusing on the music, running the songs over and over. It's necessary right now, before we can move on to blocking and choreography, but the students are getting bored. I wonder sometimes if this boredom is particular to junior high - the show is so far away (to them) that there's just no tangible reward for all of this work to keep them enticed. It'll come, but they have to rely on our promises right now, and that's hard for them.

I've had to miss a lot of school lately for conferences/meetings, which I like less than you might expect. It takes twice as much work to set up for and clean up from a sub (more if they're the incompetent time who can't follow step-by-step instructions), plus it's quite the juggling act to try to keep classes in roughly the same place on block schedule. Miss a day and suddenly the whole schedule's out of whack. Some of these conferences were okay. Well, I'll rephrase. The occasional part of each of these conferences was okay. A lot of sitting. It's strange how used I've become to being on my feet all day.

I'll post again soon. I'm actually going off to New York this weekend to visit mon ami and satiate that Broadway bug. This time it's "Company", "The Apple Tree", and Part One of Stoppard's "Utopia".

Au revoir!

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  1. do your students read this, i just think its cool to look at it from your side of view and if they did they would probably make it easyer on you.
    i cant wait to see honk, i know it will be good just like the rest of your plays.