Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Color Purple

(Auditorium, about 3:00pm. Janelle, Kelley, and I are going over "business" with the kids before starting rehearsal.)

A kid: When do tickets go on sale?
Me: At the door. We don't advance sales, since there's no chance of selling out.
Kids: What do you mean?
Me: Our auditorium seats 1500, guys. A good night for us is 500 people. 700-800 is a great night.
Kids: We can do better.
Me (about to argue, then reconsidering): Why not? Go ahead, make this the first show we sell out.
Kids: (cheers and applause) Yay!
Me: (Making a rash decision) In fact, if you sell out... no, I'll do you one better, if you sell out the three center sections and the middle balcony, I'll dye my hair purple.
Kids: (louder cheers) Yay!
A kid: No, blue!
Another kid: No, green!
Yet Another kid: You should shave your head!
Me: Hey, I made the terms. I choose purple.
A kid: The kind that washes out the next day?
Janelle: She'll keep it for at least a week.
Me: (aside) Gee, thanks, Janelle.
Janelle: (laughs)
Me: (teasingly) Anyway, I don't have to worry. We never sell out.
A kid: Yet. You mean "yet".

Here's hoping I have purple hair for Easter!

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  1. ha ha you ennded up with purple hair thanks to the Island cast